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PHP MySQL Pagination

PHP MySQL pagination is used to partition the data from the database to navigate the webpage easier and faster....

How To Use VPS Servers

You will learn how to use VPS servers correctly via the commands without the need of any interface or control panel....

Get Your Own Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual servers are widely used to host websites due to the great features they provide and the cheap costs....

PHP Database Connection

By having a PHP database connection for your program, it will be easy to append and retrieve records and save the statuses of your program....

Detailed Example Of A JavaScript Object Oriented Code

Learn how to use the properties and methods in the object oriented code and how to call the methods from inside and outside the mother object....

What Does Muwakaba Mean?

Muwakaba is an Arabic word & means to keep up with developments which touch live worldwide.

What Do We Provide

We are providing a robust source to understand the technology. Our content is exclusive and derived from our real experience and explained in a very simple and easy way to understand.

Our Team

A group of enthusiasts with great passion for technology.

Muwakaba Vision

To be one of the most important participants in the technology revolution.

Muwakaba Mission

To spread the technology generously everywhere in a distinguished way.

Target Audience

Anybody who is interested in learning the technology! Our content does help beginners and experts.


Anybody is welcomed to contribute with us providing the shared content is unique and distinguished.

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