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Manage Your Own Linux Virtual Server - Part 1


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Get Your Own Virtual Server Hosting

Get Your Own Virtual Server Hosting
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Virtual servers are widely used to host websites due to the great features they provide and the cheap costs.

It is such a nice thing to have your own website that contains the content you want to show world wide. Also, it is nice to host yourself your website on your own private hosting server that is controlled completely by you from A to Z.

In this article, we will explain to you how to buy your own server online and later on we will explain how to configure it to serve your webhosting needs where you can host more than website and more than one service.

It is very important to have a reliable hosting service that keeps your website up 24/7 with a constant performance and speed that don't change over time. Virtual server hosting is very common due to the great features and the low cost, it can be the best choice for beginners and intermediate people. Virtual servers are known as VPS which is explained below.

What Is The VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server that you can access online via a control panel the hosting company provides.

Why Shall We Go For The VPS?

Many reasons can make the virtual server hosting a great webhosting choice as follows:

1.   Cheap cost

Starting from 5 USD a month, you can have your own/independent virtual hosting server!

2.   Easy setup and configuration

VPS servers are so easy to manage! You can access your server online and configure it within just few seconds!

3.   Comes with superuser level access

You will get full control over your server! You are not sharing resources or data with anyone.

4.   Secure

You will have your own IP address and your own username and password for the operating system and you can add any security module you want.

Our Recommendation

We recommend Digital Ocean as they provide great service! Amazing servers and superb/timely support! When it comes to billing, you don't need to enter your credit/debit card information to get their service, you can use the Paypal and they don't deduct money without your permission. To get your own VPS, please click Here.

In Simple Words

Having a virtual server hosting is like having your own apartment within a building, you have full control over the resources like the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. but you are sharing the building (server) with others.

The Shared Hosting is like having a room within an apartment, you share the resources (kitchen, bathrooms, store rooms, etc.).

The Dedicated Hosting is like being in your independent villa, nobody shares anything with you.

Instructions To Get Your New VPS

1.   Sign up an account with Digital Ocean

It is simple to create an account, just click on "Sing Up" and then follow the instructions on the website.

2.   Create your server instance (called "droplet" in Digital Ocean website).

Click on "Create Droplet" button (the green button) as seen below:


3.   Choose your VPS distribution

There are more than one distribution to choose, we are recommending Ubuntu because it is very easy. Also, in future articles, we will use Ubuntu operating system in our further topics related to Linux.

Choose Your VPS Server Distribution

4.   Choose your server size

There are more than one size for your VPS, you can choose the one which suits your needs. We would recommend the 10 USD/month plan as it is cheap and suitable for beginner and intermediate webmasters.

Choose Your VPS Server Size

5.   Choose a datacenter region

You can get your server installed in more than one datacenter world wide. You don't need to worry about their performance as the servers run very well in all locations.

Choose Your VPS Datacenter Region

6.   Extra options

You can get extra options for your VPS server, like private networking, the backups, IPv6, user data & SSH keys in case you don't want to receive your login password (root password) by email.

Add Extra Options To Your VPS Server

7.   Finalize & create the VPS

At the end, you need to indicate the number of servers that will have the same configuration and also the server hostname and then click on "Create" button.

Finalize And Create Your VPS Server

You will need to wait for few seconds until your server gets deployed. You will receive the IP address of your server and the root password via the email if you didn't add the SSH keys from the additional options above. Once you receive the root password, you can login to your server via SSH protocol by using the terminal if you are using Linux or Mac machines, if you are using Windows machine, you have to install Putty.

Deploying Your VPS Server Is In Progress

Congratulations! Deployment has completed :)

Deploying Your VPS Server Has Completed

At the moment, your virtual server hosting environment is ready to use. In the next article, we will explain the fundamental commands/steps to access and run your VPS server.

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