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PHP MySQL Pagination

PHP MySQL pagination is used to partition the data from the database to navigate the webpage easier and faster....

How To Use VPS Servers

You will learn how to use VPS servers correctly via the commands without the need of any interface or control panel....

Get Your Own Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual servers are widely used to host websites due to the great features they provide and the cheap costs....

PHP Database Connection

By having a PHP database connection for your program, it will be easy to append and retrieve records and save the statuses of your program....

Detailed Example Of A JavaScript Object Oriented Code

Learn how to use the properties and methods in the object oriented code and how to call the methods from inside and outside the mother object....

Terms of Service


This agreement governs the use of all the products and services ("Services") provided by Muwakaba. Muwakaba has the right to update these terms at any time without any prior notice to users. Using the Services is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. By using the Services you are agreeing to the following terms.

Muwakaba Rights

The title, content & the Services provided on the website are exclusive property of Muwakaba. You don't have the right to use Muwakaba name or any of Muwakaba articles, logos and domain names.

Shared Content

The content shared on the website is exclusive for Muwakaba. Some Services offer the content sharing through the API's. It is your responsibility to keep the credentials in a safe place to keep the content you share safe. If the content shared on the Services is originating from the users, then we are not responsible for it. The content you fill when using the Services that are published and seen by others on the web must not be annoying, racial, fake, protected by someone else's copyright or against religions. Violating the terms of the shared content will result in removing the violated content without any prior notice to the user. Please contact us to report any content that you feel violates the terms of the shared content.


Your privacy is our main concern. All information you share when using the Services is confidential. The Services usually are communicating with you via your email account, so you are responsible for securing your email credentials. Computer cookies are used to store the required data to run the Services, so if you turn off the cookies of your computer, we can't guarantee that the Services will operate correctly.


We are trying our best to keep the free Services secure and out of bugs, but you use them at your own risk.

Customization and Debugging

When launching new Services, probably they will have some bugs, so we would be very glad to hear from you about any bug you face while using the Services. On the other hand, we like to stay tuned with the users to know about their preferences and any suggested enhancements. We are taking all opinions in regards and we will answer all inquiries as early as possible.

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